Cells are the basic unit of life. To survive, these need crucial elements to keep them alive.

Organic sulphur - 2 Firmount Road, Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa [2013 ©]

Organic sulphur (MSM)

If our bodies are 75% water, then by weight, the volume sulphur takes up is 25%. It is in our bones, muscles, everywhere. We just don’t get enough of it or of the right kind. Organic sulphur is an integral part of any healing process.

The Budwig protocol, initiated by Dr Johanna Budwig, for the oxygenation of the cells, comprised of organic kefir or cottage cheese which are sulphurated proteins, combined with electron rich unsaturated omega 3 fats and flax oil. The chemical reaction produced between these 3 makes the oil water soluble, and is then easily absorbed by the cell membrane and allowed to enter the cells.

Published Date: 22 Oct 2014