A philosophy on healing herbs

There is an interconnection and interdependence between all things. Rediscover the full range of healing that plants can offer, bearing in mind that the interconnectedness permeates all dimensions, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.


Life is linked to all Life. The oneness of this life is so immense and varied, each fragment touching all others in an invisible web of continuity. Each fragment as indispensable as the next, none less, none more as each brings to the whole its unique fragrance. 

This site seeks to take a glimpse into the connection between herbs, plants and humanity and the way in which they dance and work together for the healing of all they touch.

Viola odorata - Avondshoek Estate, Tzaneen, Limpop Province, South Africa [2007 © paulgodard.com] - A Philosophy On Healing Herbs - Naturae Medicus

There is an interconnection and interdependence between all things and even science now recognises this. With this understanding, it has become time to rediscover the full range of healing that pants can offer, bearing in mind that the interconnectedness permeates all dimensions, the physical and most gratefully the non-physical, emotional and spiritual aspects as well.

Herbal and nutritional healing follows a thread from times past when there were no scientists to dissect and compartmentalise the potential that plant material has for its efficacy. A thread links us to a time when this knowledge was gained through the process of biognosis, or a knowledge gained through internal perception. It was a time when the heart, and not the brain, was used as an organ of perception that sought the spirit of the plants, to find those essential aspect of plants that would work with the human body and mind to bring healing. This is how the ancients gathered the information on how to use plants for medicinal purposes. This thread has largely been ignored by modern man but thankfully many are returning to its wisdom and it is with grateful hearts that we come to find it again. Now we can link the ancient with the modern for an even greater understanding of the healing gifts of herbs and plants in general.

Today we seek to treat afflictions that are different to those of ancient time such as stress, anxiety and boredom but the plant kingdom remains that source from which we can rely on to touch and heal our complete bodies. When consuming herbs they do not simply touch the body but their spirit touches our spirit. The healing power of plants enters the blood and infiltrates our cells and dissipates into our minds and to the very source of our spirit. It is the life and wisdom the of the plants that touches us, calming, strengthening or balancing the very essence of our being.